LET'S TALK TESTOSTERONE IN PERIMENOPAUSE hormonal health perimenopause Nov 23, 2023

Perimenopause is the time of fluctuating hormones. But while we know that oestrogen and progesterone are big players during this time, one overlooked hormone is testosterone. 


SHORTER CYCLES IN YOUR 40s? HERE'S THE DEAL hormonal health perimenopause women's health May 24, 2023

Noticed that your period is arriving more frequently since you reached your 40s? This is a common complaint that I hear from women – and it’s happening for a reason. Let’s explore...

THE 4 PHASES OF PERIMENOPAUSE hormonal health perimenopause women's health May 10, 2023

Despite the fact that perimenopause has been a fact of life since woman first walked the earth, there’s still a heap of confusion about it! One thing that I often explain to my clients who...

HOW INFLAMMAGEING IS MAKING YOUR PERIMENOPAUSE A NIGHTMARE hormonal health perimenopause women's health Apr 18, 2023

Every woman’s experience of perimenopause varies. But what if you’re finding that it’s a complete nightmare? It could be that inflammageing is to blame – and that means we...

How To Balance Your Hormones Naturally hormonal health Apr 04, 2023

Need to know how to balance your hormones naturally and feel amazing again? When the hormone balance is off, it can have a ripple effect across your physical and mental wellbeing. And once you hit...

Here's How Hormones Make You Gain Weight hormonal health perimenopause weight loss Mar 21, 2023

Think that weight gain is all in what you eat and how you exercise? While they definitely play a role, we can’t overlook the part that hormones play. When it comes to losing weight, you need...

Having Hot Flushes? Here Is Your Handy Action Plan hormonal health perimenopause women's health Oct 11, 2022

Are hot flushes ruining your day (or your night?) You’re in good company – around 75% of women will experience hot flashes during perimenopause. For some, they can linger for months or...

The Pill for Perimenopause - What's The Deal? hormonal health perimenopause women's health Sep 21, 2022

Has your doctor suggested using the Pill for perimenopause management and contraception? While it’s amazing that women have more options (and legal ones at that!) for preventing pregnancy and...

Is Insulin Resistance To Blame For Your Symptoms? hormonal health weight loss women's health Jul 04, 2022

Can’t seem to shift your symptoms, no matter what you do? One of the top factors behind the stubborn symptoms of perimenopause is insulin resistance.

Let’s take a dive into what insulin...

THE OESTROGEN ROLLERCOASTER – HOW TO SMOOTH THE WILD RIDE hormonal health perimenopause Jun 20, 2022

Do you find your moods, energy and perimenopausal symptoms fluctuate wildly? Welcome to the oestrogen rollercoaster – aka the nightmare ride that many get stuck on when...

This Is Why You Experience Heavy Bleeding During Perimenopause hormonal health perimenopause May 17, 2022

Have you noticed your periods are heavier in your 40s? Heavy bleeding during perimenopause is common, but that doesn’t mean it is normal or inevitable.

Once you figure out the cause of your...

Why You Want To Hold Onto your Period hormonal health perimenopause women's health May 02, 2022

Hands up if you ever wished your period just vanished? Whether you have an underlying condition, symptoms of PMS or just a heavy, painful cycle, it’s common to wish it away. But we actually...

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