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Take control of your perimenopause journey — manage mood swings, hot flashes, and other symptoms naturally. (Yes, you have more options than hormone therapy!) 
PerimenoGO is the easiest way to go from perimenopause chaos to calm in just 4-weeks. You'll eat to support, nourish and soothe your hormones, lose weight, improve your mood and energy, and feel comfortable in your body and clothes again. 
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You’re tired of...

Dealing with stubborn hormonal weight, feeling exhausted, and being overwhelmed by conflicting advice on managing perimenopause symptoms. Now you’re looking for a better way to regain control of your health, lose weight, and boost your energy without restrictive diets or spending hours in the kitchen.

You want to...

Wake up feeling ready for the day and keep that energy flowing...

Feel like your old self again, every single day.

You want to manage your perimenopause symptoms naturally and effectively, without relying on expensive supplements or quick fixes... but you're overwhelmed by the conflicting information out there about what is best.

So you’ve thought about... 

Drastic calorie-cutting diets, BUT they’re restrictive, hard to maintain, and leave you feeling hangry and deprived.

Hormone replacement therapy, BUT you’re worried about side effects and you may still get symptoms while on it.

Just toughing it out, BUT the impact on your life and relationships is too great.

Other weight loss programs, BUT they don’t address the unique hormone changes and challenges of perimenopause.

Multiple expensive supplements and shakes, BUT found the results disappointing and disappearing as soon as you stop taking them.

And you've even asked for advice from...

Friends and family, BUT they don’t fully grasp what you’re going through, or what worked for them doesn’t work for you.

What if you could stop...

Guessing, feeling at the mercy of your hormones, and being stuck in the endless cycle of quick fixes and fad diets that don’t work? And start to feel comfortable and confident in your body, achieving real, sustainable results instead?

PerimenoGO is uniquely positioned to solve your perimenopause problems because…

1. Balanced, Hormone-Friendly Approach:

Unlike restrictive diets, PerimenoGO offers a balanced, hormone-friendly approach that fits seamlessly into your busy lifestyle. Our program focuses on teaching you how to eat to help your body better adjust to the natural hormone fluctuations of perimenopause and menopause.

2. Natural and Sustainable Solutions:

Our evidence-based nutritional strategies provide an affordable, natural way to manage perimenopause symptoms effectively, without the need for costly supplements or hormone therapy. (If you're on HRT, no problem, PerimenoGO is the perfect support to help you get the most from your hormones.)

3. Easy-to-Follow Plan:

PerimenoGO is designed to be simple and convenient. Our easy-to-follow meal plans and practical tips make it effortless to actually take action and implement, planned off-plan meals help you maintain momentum and manage social events, making sure you can achieve your health goals without feeling overwhelmed, missing out on life, or spending hours in the kitchen.

4. Proven Results:

Clients often see noticeable improvements within just four weeks. Our structured but flexible program delivers quick, impactful results, including weight loss, improved mood, and increased energy, all through natural and sustainable methods.

5. Comprehensive Education:

With PerimenoGO, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to navigate perimenopause confidently.

Our program provides the education you need to understand what’s driving your symptoms and what to do about it, to reclaim your health and well-being.

With PerimenoGO, you’re opting for a solution that is specifically designed to meet your needs as a woman in perimenopause (or menopause), proven to deliver results, and designed to fit into your life effortlessly. 


"Sarah is kind, patient, non-judgmental and has huge amounts of empathy. Her suggestions are practical and understanding of limited time and capacity (and money!). She does lots of research and takes care to make sure she really has the big picture of health issues and how they interconnect."


"I feel like a new start with my health and now know that it is possible to lose weight and change your health and mindset in your mid 40's."


"Thank you Sarah for guiding me on my journey to better health. You’re definitely in for the long haul and provide such a wonderful and personalised approach that empowers me to take control of my health."