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Is it perimenopause hormone changes or something else making you cranky, exhausted,  overwhelmed and gaining weight in your 40s?

 Unlock the mystery behind your symptoms with The Perimenopause Decoder

Your ultimate guide to understanding if perimenopause hormone fluctuations are behind your changing mood, metabolism and energy after 40. Gain clarity on which phase of perimenopause you're in and how much longer symptoms may continue.
Don't continue to feel stuck and confused - download The Perimenopause Decoder now and gain clarity on your journey to perimenopause!


The Perimenopause Decoder

Your ultimate guide to understanding if perimenopause hormone fluctuations are behind your changing mood, metabolism and energy after 40.

What others say about Sarah the Perimenopause Naturopath...

"Sarah is kind, patient, non-judgmental and has huge amounts of empathy. Her suggestions are practical and understanding of limited time and capacity (and money!). She's very thoughtful, does lots of research and takes care to make sure she really has the big picture of health issues and how they interconnect."


"I feel like a new start with my health and now know that it is possible to lose weight and change your mindset in your mid 40's."


Hit your 40s and feeling overwhelmed and out-of-control with chaotic mood swings and changing hormones? 

Are you tired of feeling confused and overwhelmed by the changes in your mood, metabolism, and energy after 40?

Are you wondering if perimenopause hormone fluctuations are behind these symptoms but don't know where to start?

The Perimenopause Decoder is here to help. This free guide, designed by Sarah The Perimenopause Naturopath, gives you the ultimate tool to understand the riddle of whether its perimenopause or something else making you feel irritated, exhausted, overwhelmed and gaining weight.

With The Perimenopause Decoder, you can assess your current symptoms and their extent and frequency. The included 4 Phases of Perimenopause guide can help you identify where you're at in your perimenopause journey and how much longer it may continue.

No more confusion, no more guessing. With The Perimenopause Decoder, you'll gain a better understanding of how changing hormone levels during perimenopause are impacting your body and what you can do about it.

Don't let perimenopause hold you back from living your best life! Download The Perimenopause Decoder now and take the first step towards reclaiming your health and happiness.

PS: Perimenopause does NOT have to be horrific. You can make it to menopause without it ruining your life and relationships!

Hi, I'm Sarah

The Perimenopause Naturopath.

I'm not your average naturopath - I drink coffee, hate calorie counting with a passion and (unfortunately) I'm all too familiar with the experience of mum burnout.

When I hit my 40s and gained 20 kilos (in less than 12 months!), multiple allergies and an autoimmune condition; I was left thinking WTH?! After getting frustrated with feeling sweaty, anxious, irritated and uncomfortable in my body during the lockdowns of 2020, I decided to regain control of my health.

Using Metabolic Balance personalised nutrition, I released nearly 20kg and my perimenopausal symptoms including hot flushes, fatigue and insomnia. 

Now I'm so passionate in helping women over 40 understand WTH is happening with your hormones, mood, metabolism and energy; so you can feel calm, in-control, less stressed and more comfortable in your clothes and body. You can make it to menopause without it ruining your life or relationships!