WHY YOUR DIET DOESN’T WORK IN YOUR 40S hormonal health menopause perimenopause stress Oct 07, 2020

Diets, dieting, weight loss are (sadly) a huge part of a woman’s life. I wonder how young you were when you went on your first diet? I think that I became aware of my size, and what...

GUT HEALTH AS YOU AGE: WHAT CHANGES & WHY gut health menopause perimenopause Jul 29, 2020

Getting older is inevitable, there’s not much we can do about that (although scientists are trying hard, I’m sure!). However, while your gut health may change, it doesn’t have to...

SPICY PUMPKIN SOUP FOR GUT HEALTH & HORMONAL BALANCE gut health healthy eating hormonal health menopause perimenopause recipes Jun 25, 2020

Soupsslow-cooked stews or casseroles and roasts are some of my favourite things about Winter. Sitting by the fire on cold, rainy days is another fave. Especially with a mug of soup or...

GUT HEALTH = HAPPY HORMONES + LESS PERIMENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS gut health hormonal health menopause perimenopause women's health Jun 24, 2020

When it comes to managing the hormonal seesaw that is peri-menopause, gut health is frequently overlooked. It’s no coincidence that my peri-menopausal clients notice a shift in their...

PERIMENOPAUSE OR STRESS: WHAT’S MAKING YOU HOT & SWEATY? hormonal health menopause perimenopause stress Jun 15, 2020

Do you feel like you have hit your forties, your body has flipped a switch and now you’re an exhausted, hot, sweaty, nervous wreck? If so, you may just assume you’re on your way to...

TOO EXHAUSTED TO COOK? HERE’S 10 EASY MEALS TO MAKE adrenal fatigue burn out menopause perimenopause stress women's health Jun 07, 2020

Women are always telling me they’re too exhausted to cook healthy meals for themselves, especially when they’re feeling stressed. Being exhausted, fatigued, tired or lethargic is one of...

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