Feb 16, 2024

Have you been dreading your 40s because of what others have told you about it? There are so many stories around life in your 40s as a woman – and that’s exactly what they are: stories.

But don’t let these misconceptions of it being ‘game over’ stop you from thriving and enjoying your 40s! Let’s dive into the truth of this stage of life and how you can make the most of it.

5 Myths To Bust About Being In Your 40s

Exhaustion is just a normal part of being a busy woman in her 40s

Repeat after me – common does not make something normal!

So many women have been told by their doctor that fatigue is normal for their stage of life. And don’t get me started on how this is perpetuated by social groups, mummy influencers, and even merchandise that jokes about exhaustion!

If you are drained more often than not, there are reasons why. Some of the most common drivers I see in my clients include:

So the next time your GP tells you it’s normal without doing a single thing to check your health status? It might be time to ask some questions (or, frankly, seek a second opinion!)

Weight gain is not only inevitable – it’s also irreversible

Have you ever heard that your metabolism slows down when you hit 40, and it’s all downhill from there? It’s not surprising that this one seems to stick around, no matter what! After all, your friends have put on weight, your parents put on weight when they hit this age… so surely, it’s just part of life, right??

Think again. There’s been some pretty groundbreaking research that found that your metabolic rate stays the same from age 20 to age 60! And even once you hit 60, your metabolism only drops by about 0.7% per year.

So why is this great news? Because it means that weight gain in your 40s is not just a part of the natural ageing process. There are very real and controllable factors that cause you to gain weight. And that means that we can do something about it.

So not only do you not have to accept weight gain – you can take steps to lose it if you do gain weight.

This is something that I’ve achieved, as have dozens of my clients! You can learn more about how we have achieved this in my FREE Masterclass.

Perimenopause equals old

So many women deny being in perimenopause because it makes them feel old. Well, there are two things I want to chat about when it comes to this myth!

First up, this belief ties into the idea that menopause happens ‘later in life,’ often in the 50s. Therefore, perimenopause should be as well, right? Well, think again. The hormonal shifts of perimenopause can start in your early 40s or even late 30s. And for some, perimenopause can last for 10 years before they finally transition to menopause!

But there’s also something deeper going on here that we need to question (or throw out entirely!) And that is the idea of a woman’s value and how we’re only ‘useful’ if we’re carrying, birthing, and raising babies. So once that stage is over, life may as well be over too!

But it’s the complete opposite. The transition from perimenopause into menopause is the start of the most powerful stage of a woman’s life! For the first time, we get to choose what we want to do, see, and be, and we get to put ourselves first.

For more on how you can embrace this transition into a new phase of life, check out this article.

Perimenopause is a nightmare, and the only solution is hormone replacement.

Now don’t get me wrong – there are symptoms that can occur thanks to perimenopause that suck! And for some unlucky souls, you might get hit with them all at once.

But there are two myths for the price of one here:

First up, perimenopause doesn’t have to be horrific and make you miserable. And even if it is making you feel like death right now, you can still take steps to improve your symptoms.

And secondly, hormone replacement therapy (yes, I’m including the Pill and Mirena) is not the only solution. While it can be beneficial for some women, it’s not the only way to work on your symptoms. And it can also bring a host of problems and symptoms of its own!

The great news is that there is a whole buffet of natural and effective options for perimenopause. Food, herbs, nutrients, stress management, sleep optimisation… all of these can equal a much happier transition into your new phase of life.

It’s too late to improve your health once you hit your 40s

Another myth that ties back to the perimenopause = over the hill belief. Because we are told that it’s normal to gain weight, to feel exhausted, and to have symptoms, we just put up with it.

But when you’re in your 40s, it’s not too late to take action. In fact, it’s the ideal time to significantly improve your health before it feeds into chronic conditions.

I believe that perimenopause is the metaphorical fork in the road to health. The path that you choose can either set you up to feel healthier, more energised, and balanced than you thought possible… or it can leave you on a steady decline.

The choice is ultimately up to you. So what do you choose – healthy action, or the ‘getting older’ that you’ve dreaded?

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