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If your kids love tinned beetroot, then they are going to love this recipe for pickled beetroot. But don’t leave it all to the kids; adults love it too. And the best bit is, that it’s great for your gut and your liver, thanks to the apple cider vinegar and the nutrients in the beetroot. Win-win!

This recipe is one that my Mum taught me. It was a childhood favourite for me, and I am pleased that my kids love it too. It makes a great addition to almost any meal, but especially simple Summer BBQs or lunch grazing plates.


  • 1-2 kilograms whole beetroots, trimmed of root and stems
  • Large saucepan + lid
  • 2 bay leaves
  • 5 peppercorns
  • Apple cider vinegar


Wash and trim the beetroot to remove any long roots and the top part where the stem attaches to the bulb. (You will be using some of the cooking water to preserve the cooked beetroot, so make sure there isn’t any grit or dirt on the beets, or you’ll have a gritty end-product.) If there are some beetroots that are very large compared to the others, cut these in half so they will cook in a similar period of time.

Put the beetroot into the pot and cover it with filtered water. Add bay leaves and peppercorns. Bring to a boil and gently simmer until beetroot is tender. Usually around 45 – 60 minutes. When cooked, turn the pot off and leave to cool so that you can handle the beetroot.

Once beetroots are cool enough to handle, (with gloves on if you’re using), take one and rub the skin so it peels off. Slice the beetroot in whichever way you prefer to eat it (slice, dice, or wedges) and put it into a clean, airtight, glass jar or container.

When you have finished peeling and slicing all the beetroot, pour some of the cooking water into the jar, about half – 2/3 full. Top up with apple cider vinegar. Add salt to taste.

Keeps in the fridge for at least 2 weeks; however, the vinegar does become more vinegary as time goes on, which you and your family may not enjoy as we do.


  1. Beetroots are in season all year round in Melbourne.
  2. You can double or triple (or more!) this recipe. The only limit is your pot size. You definitely don’t want to have to clean beetroot-coloured spatter off your stove or walls. (Trust me, I know!)
  3. Wearing food-grade (no powder) gloves is a good idea if you don’t want stained hands and nails.
  4. Choose organic apple cider vinegar ‘with the mother’ for maximum health benefits.

I’d love to see how you enjoy Pickled Beetroot, so please tag me in your social media photos or include them in the comments below.




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