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Hi, I'm Sarah.

I help women over 40 lose stubborn hormonal weight, reclaim their mood and energy, WITHOUT restrictive diets, endless calorie counting, or feeling hangry.





Feels like you're spinning out of control, doesn't it? I get it.

  • Each morning starts¬†with a heavy sigh, wondering if today's the day your body will cooperate. You look in the mirror, a hint of frustration as that once-familiar reflection now seems more like a stranger. Your¬†favourite¬†clothes are pushed to the back of the wardrobe, because they just don't fit or feel comfortable anymore.

  • Through the day waves of exhaustion hit, even if you haven't done any exercise. The fun times¬†with family and friends are scarred by your abrupt mood swings, and you're left wondering, "Why did I snap like that?"

  • You've heard the whispers about perimenopause and brushed them off, thinking you're too young to be affected. But you're wondering: could changing hormones be the culprits sabotaging your mood, metabolism, and energy? The tried and true health routines (the 'right things') of your past aren't cutting it, and your favourite jeans and foul moods are bearing witness.

  • You're on the lookout for answers, hoping to reclaim your energy and feel like yourself again, to navigate this phase with knowledge, understanding and without destroying¬†your relationship with your family, friends, or colleagues.

Hi there, I'm Sarah, The Perimenopause Naturopath

Since 2017, I've been guiding women through the rollercoaster ride of perimenopause. But I haven't just studied it - I've lived it. After experiencing my own rollercoaster ride of irritation, unpredictable mood swings, and 20kg weight gain (despite doing 'all the right things'), I found a way out of the exhaustion and overwhelm. Now, I combine my personal wisdom and professional expertise as a Naturopath and Nutritionist to help women like you reconnect with your body, and master the chaos of changing hormones, mood, metabolism and energy. I want you to feel calm, in control, less stressed, and more comfortable in your body.

It's not you. The 'right things' of your 20s and 30s are all wrong for the hormone rollercoaster of perimenopause.

The hormone changes of your 40s and perimenopause create a seismic shift in how your body reacts to everything you thought you knew about health and nutrition.

It wasn’t so long ago that I was where you are now, feeling that mounting frustration and wondering why my body seemed to be rebelling and doing the opposite to what I wanted! I had to learn how to support and nourish my body, to buffer it from the impact of the hormone fluctuations of perimenopause. And now I teach every one of my clients the nuances of navigating this new phase. 

Over the past 6 years, I’ve empowered hundreds of women to decode the mysteries of their changing hormones, mood, metabolism, and energy. With a personalised approach that embraces the uniqueness of perimenopause, you can lose weight in your 40s (and beyond), without feeling trapped on a diet, meal plan, or shakes, and missing out on life.

With the right knowledge and guidance, you can transition from feeling betrayed by your body to being in sync and comfortable with it.


The Perimenopause Naturopath has featured on:

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Skip the endless research and guesswork

You need the roadmap to feeling more like your old self and I'm here to give it to you.

‚úď From Hormonal Chaos to Calm Clarity

Discover the 'why' behind those unpredictable mood swings and physical changes in your body; understand exactly what the heck is happening with your hormones.

‚úď From Snappy Outbursts to Calm and In-Control

Be able to respond to life’s bumps in the road, instead of over-reacting, snapping at your family, feeling paralysed with overwhelm, or sobbing into your tea. Say goodbye to constant impatience and irritation, and preserve your relationships.

‚úď From Daily Drag to Energised All Day

Turn the tables on that constant exhaustion. Navigate the demanding phase of being a 40+ woman with consistent energy all day, every day. Get your enthusiasm and mojo back!

‚úď From Restrictive Diets to Celebratory Feasts

Don't resign yourself to gaining weight as you get older. Stop the creeping weight gain (and reverse it!) without sacrificing life's indulgences. Learn to celebrate, socialise, and still keep that weight off. Literally have your cake and eat it too!




Check out my new program, PerimenoGO. It's the easiest way to go from perimenopause chaos to calm in just 4-weeks. You'll eat to support, nourish and soothe your hormones, lose weight, improve your mood and energy, and feel comfortable in your body and clothes again. Join the waitlist now for first access at a special founders price.



I've shared all my insights and experiences about the rollercoaster of perimenopause. It's your go-to resource for understanding hormonal changes and embracing food-as-medicine strategies, helping you navigate life after 40 with ease and confidence.



The Chaos to Calm Method is a bespoke personalised journey, with a high-level of support, designed specifically for women over 40, to transform the rollercoaster of perimenopause into a more relaxing ride on the ferris wheel. ūüé° You'll learn¬†the secrets to mastering your mood, metabolism, and energy, helping you feel comfortable in your favourite jeans¬†and find your mojo again!



"After 14 weeks in The Chaos to Calm Method, I am more motivated and energised than I ever remember being, and I'm not losing any more days of my life to feeling crappy."

Before starting the Chaos to Calm program with Sarah, I felt trapped in, and completely out of control of, my own body. I was perpetually uncomfortable in my skin and wanted to hide from the world. It felt as though a list of changes my body was going through (that I didn't like and couldn't fix) was piling up and only getting longer. I felt hopeless. Nothing I tried worked. In addition to my clothes getting tighter (some too tight to wear) no matter how healthy I ate or how much exercise I did, I suffered with menstrual migraines, and also had ongoing issues with chronic stress and anxiety. I would often have outbursts of irrational rage completely out of proportion with the situation. Although I thought I slept well, I woke regularly during the night, every single night.

I haven't had one bout of anxiety or one migraine since I started the program. One of the surprise benefits for me of the Chaos to Calm method is that my sleep has improved. I thought I was doing okay in this area before starting the program, but after it, I've noticed my sleep is much deeper and less interrupted.

I've said goodbye to 5kg and 16cm from my body (which basically fell off - all I did was follow my plan)! For someone who was absolutely desperate just to feel comfortable again and got zero results over five years of trying like a maniac, this is huge for me.

Claire, 42



Unlock the mystery behind your symptoms

Your ultimate guide to understanding if perimenopause hormone fluctuations are behind your changing mood, metabolism and energy after 40. Gain clarity on which phase of perimenopause you're in and how much longer symptoms may continue. 

Don't continue to feel stuck and confused - download The Perimenopause Decoder now and gain clarity on your journey to perimenopause!